Wednesday, April 28, 2010

High Chair Cover

I decided I would try and make a high chair cover. It is specifically for the Ikea antilop high chair. I am so glad I bought this high chair. When Anya was little I just used one of those boppy foam chairs. I didn't want to buy a brand new high chair since she was already 10 months old. It seemed like a waste to pay the 50.00-130.00 it costs for a new high chair. And even the used ones on craigslist were like 40.00 bucks! Then I came across this one at Ikea for 20.00 dollars (5.00 for the tray). It is plain, it hardly takes up any space, and fits right under the table so she can sit with us if I don't use the tray (the very rare times that we
actually sit at the table). So I was really excited when I
found this free pattern. And it has cute little ties at the very bottom. You can get it here.


  1. Carrie @

    Hi, Rachel!
    I stumbled upon your blog...great idea for the chair cover. When my kids were little we had a wooden high chair that was fairly small in size. I liked it because it wasnt huge like some of the plastic ones. I like your too since its compact. Its nice to meet another young mom who likes to sew--not too many of us out there. Keep up the great work!

  2. Very cute!
    We were always short on kitchen space so I always used those booster seats that strap into a regular kitchen table chair.

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