Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So today my Aunt Gayla gave me a cute little scrapbook kit. It is awesome since I have been feeling so crafty lately, but I am a horrible at scrapbooking! The last time I tried it could have passed as a 4 year olds work of art. So I decided before I mess up this cute book I better get some good ideas off the internet. That is when I came across this awesome web site called Smilebox. It has all these amazing (and totally already done) scrapbook pages. They have a ton to choose from too. You just pick a template, insert your pictures and print it off, email it, or burn it to a dvd. And you can do a lot of other projects too like: slide shows, photo collages, and greeting cards. Anyway I am pretty excited. I have always wanted to scrapbook Anya's baby book, I think I will give it a try now. It may be cheating but hey I have tried it the hard way and it didn't work out!

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