Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wow today was crazy. I really hate shopping around the holidays! But I did get everything I needed for Easter and a little more. I found some really cute bright finger nail polish at Walgreen's for 1.99 which is awesome because for some reason it seems like I have 25 different shades of red (if that is even possible). So I will have to give myself a mani and pedi for my birthday which is tomorrow. Anyway I gave Anya her Easter basket which she was very excited about. And we went to a friends house and had a huge Easter egg hunt. She was more interested in playing with the toys they had in their backyard than finding eggs but it was really cute and I am glad we went. And I am glad it is over so we can all relax. Which I am going to do right now but I hope everybody has a great Easter!!

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