Monday, May 3, 2010

Well I have not posted anything for a couple of days. I have been making a couple more Boutique Wipes Cases (which I will add pictures of). I am also making a Nursing Cover and a Car Seat Canopy for a friend. My husband finally got a new job and he starts tomorrow. Thank god I was starting to get worried! We still have so much to get for the baby! Plus we are moving in September so we need to save for that. I am just glad he found something and I hope he likes it (he will be walking through the dessert looking for endangered species of cactus all day).
Anyway I have a dentist apt. tomorrow : ( which I am not looking forward to. It means that I have to get up really early so I can take my husband to work and still have the car. Anya is not going to be happy about waking up that early (we are both late sleepers). Anyway I will post some more projects soon I promise!!


  1. I just found you from Mom Bloggers Club. I'm following!

  2. I love making those baby things too. Everyone loves them. Have you made baby shoes yet? Those are a blast!